Kevin Ferderline will eat you


K-Fed, or the artist (and I use that term loosely) formerly known as Kevin Ferderline goes for a bite to eat with his current squeeze Victoria Prince in Los Angeles.

Has anyone else noticed that Britney Spears’ former hubby is masquerading as a beached whale these days? Just putting the thought out there.


April 2, 2009. Tags: , , , , . Celebrity.


  1. Mike replied:

    Wow! I may be a couple of pounds overweight but HE is SOMETHING ELSE!!!!

  2. cassie replied:

    omg u guys need to lay off him. cuz k-fed is still hot and he can still land hott girls so stop hatin really. Who cares if he put on a lil weight? Maybe he likes it and doesnt give 2 shits what you think.

    • blob192 replied:

      k-fat has fans? really? must be some of those hillbilly lovin trailer trash chics no?

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