Ozzy Osbourne predicts his death


Rocker Ozzy Osbourne has envisioned his demise and he believes he will come to a sticky end.

The Black Sabbath frontman had a brush with death back in 2004 receiving serious injuries after a quad-bike accident and although he survived he is convinced his passing will be similarly bizarre.

“I was going 3mph, went over an embankment and the next minute I was coming out of a f*cking coma – 3mph and it nearly f*cking killed me.” he tells The Sun.

‘You know the way I’ll go? Some bird with some rare virus is going to fly over my head. It’s going to sh*t on me and I’m going to melt on the floor.”

So, apparently Ozzy Osbourne can envisage the future now. 

Maybe he should have put his precognitive powers to use before dropping the bomb that was the Osbournes: Reloaded and saved his family the embarrassment of the first TV show ever to be recalled for “fear of poisoning the atmosphere.

April 2, 2009. Celebrity.

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