Britney trying to make Kevin jealous?


Britney Spears is reportedly hooking up with her backing dancer Chase Benz (pic above).

But all is not it seems, apparently the singer is using the 21-year old in an effort to try and catch the eye of former husband Kevin Ferderline.

Things got steamier the next night in Montreal, where the pair hooked up at The Circus Starring Britney Spears Tour’s afterparty at Tribe Hyperclub.

“She sat on his lap and they kissed,” an eyewitness tells OK!.

The duo then reportedly went into the bathroom and the door was blocked by bodyguards. “Nine minutes later, they came out,” the eyewitness says.

Looks like the singer is in love again — but insiders say it’s not her dancer whom she desires: Britney has fallen for her ex-husband, Kevin Federline, and is trying to rebuild their broken family.

Since when did a a fumble in a toilet mean the beginnings of a love story!?

I really wouldn’t be surprised if the duo reconciled, Kevin’s current lady is the spitting image of the singer, perhaps he still carries a torch for her…or her money.

April 3, 2009. Celebrity.

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