Madonna adoption bid denied

madonna mercy

Madonna’s application to adopt a second child from Malawi has been rejected.

High Court registrar Ken Manda said her bid to take home three year-old Mercy James was denied because the Material Girl is not a resident of Malawi.

The ruling was expected to go Madonna’s way after the little girl was allowed to stay in the pop stars luxury lodge in Lilongwe.

Accused of by-passing official procedures by using her status and wealth, the singer was subject to similar criticism two years ago when she began her adoption of David Banda.

Madge will be able to appeal the verdict.

“She is not skirting any legal issues in her application to adopt this child and is looking to provide a loving family environment and the best education and healthcare possible for a child who has been in an orphanage since her birth,” Spokeswoman Liz Rosenburg said.

Seriously, this woman should just stop. 

Madonna certainly gives out the impression she thinks she is above the law. She was lucky officials allowed her David Banda in the first place, despite the countries strict rules, which let’s  be honest, they did bend for her.

The woman is unreal if she believes she can go back and pick up another at her will. I don’t understand why she can’t  just adopt a child in countries like Russia, Ethiopia, China for example, there’s needy kids there too and the process is not as complicated. Or perhaps she should look closer to home first. Somehow her actions come across as insincere.


April 3, 2009. Celebrity.


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