Lindsay Lohan’s trouble in paradise


Are Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson headed for splitsville?

Sounds like their already volatile relationship has taken a turn for the worst.

Following yet another row between the pair yesterday in which police were called in to mediate, the DJ brought in a locksmith to change the locks at her home.

Things went south between the two when Ronson banned the Mean Girls star from a private party on Friday night according to OK! magazine:

Sources tell OK! the doormen were apparently under strict instructions from the Ronson family to look out for Lindsay and not to let her in under any circumstances.
Before Lindsay’s arrival at the event, an insider told OK! that the Ronson’s had gone out of their way to ensure she wouldn’t be able to get inside.

“Unless Lindsay rams a truck through the red carpet or skydives in, she won’t be here,” revealed the source.

But just as expected, Linds still showed up, only to be “restrained from coming in by five security guards,” according to an onlooker.
“Lindsay knew she was unwanted, but came anyway, to no avail,” said another source.

They needed five security guards to restrain Lindsay Lohan. Seriously?

I’m sure all they needed to do was roll a bottle of Vodka or some alcoholic beverage down the street, that would send her running.


April 6, 2009. Celebrity.

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    […] was trying to get into my party this weekend, we had to tell security to keep her […]

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