Miley Cyrus not a Robert Pattinson fan


Miley Cyrus reveals to Teen Vogue magazine that she’s just not that into the Twilight ‘heartthrob’.

The 16-year-old Hannah Montana star who is currently dating model/musician Justin Gaston, 21, said:

“I’m not a huge Rob Pattinson fan.

“Girls aren’t really in love with Rob; they’re in love with [his film character] Edward.”

Those are some wise words from the Disney tween-queen. 

I don’t understand this Pattinson hysteria, he’s certainly no Channing Tatum.

Ok, so like Miley said it’s Edward that sets the girlies hearts fluttering, the appeal is so obvious now – I mean who wouldn’t want a pale apparition trying to contain his intense need to sink his blood-stained fangs into your neck and kill you.

That’s my dream man right there ❤


April 6, 2009. Celebrity.


  1. michelle replied:


  2. Anonymous replied:

    Totally agree,
    he’s not that cute either! I don’t like Twilight hah.
    My opinion(:

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