Chris Brown pleads not guilty

Chris Brown attended his court hearing in Los Angeles yesterday to face charges of assault and making criminal threats to girlfriend Robin ‘Rihanna’ Fenty.

As expected, the 19-year-old star plead not guilty to the alleged altercation that took place between the two in early February.

Donald Etra, who is representing Rihanna, said the ‘Umbrella’ singer was hoping a plea deal could be reached before the case goes to trial. He reiterated she would testify if required.

He continued: “She would be pleased if this would be over quickly.”

Brown’s legal team, headed up by lead attorney Mark Geragos, have been busy trying to hammer out a settlement with prosecutors to prevent their client from receiving any jail time.

If convicted on both indictments, Brown could be sentenced to four years and and eight months in prison.

His next court appearance regarding the case is scheduled for April 29.

Chris better pray his lawyers get him off the hook, with a pretty face like his, he better start practicing how to handle slippery soap.

April 7, 2009. Celebrity.

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  1. Rihanna to testify against Chris Brown « The Squealer replied:

    […] Fenty’s attorney, Donald Etra told E! News that the 21-year-old, ‘Umbrella’ star will be called to testify at the June 22 preliminary hearing in the ‘Forever’ singer’s felony assault case. […]

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