Ed Westwick cant fit into his pants

ed westwick

Who ate all the pies?

Ed Westwick ate all the pies.

The Gossip Girl star’s ever-expanding waistline is causing havoc for the shows costume department as his constant partying has led the actor to bloat-up like a balloon.

The 21-year-old – who plays serial-womanizer Chuck Bass on the hit program – has gained such a considerable amount of weight that an entire new wardrobe has been purchased to accommodate his newly rotund stomach.

A source tells New York Daily News, “Ed has been gaining a lot of weight — not just around the waist, but through the whole body. First, the costume department had to buy him new, bigger pants. Then, his shirts and jackets got way too snug.

“The costumers even requested that producers talk to Ed — they don’t want Chuck to be fat!”

How refreshing to hear that women aren’t alone in receiving pressure to stay slim.

Unless the British actor drops a few inches, we might have to start referring to him as Chunk Bass.

April 11, 2009. Tags: , , , . Celebrity.

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