Lady Gaga uncovered on Rolling Stone

lady gaga

She’s ‘avin’ a bubble!

Lady Gaga goes au natural on the cover of the latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine, her modesty kept in check by a few strategically placed bubbles.

Is this a new take on the Emperor’s New Clothes?

May 27, 2009. Tags: , , , , , . Celebrity, Style.


  1. Ed replied:

    One ugly woman, you can keep and have her

  2. bishie replied:

    Agree. Ugly. And with fat thighs. She does not have the body for the amount of flesh she constantly exposes. No talent. She was a joke on American Idol. If she would have been one of the Idol tryouts they would have laughed at her but since she is famous, she wasn’t treated like the joke that she is. She makes Brittany Spear look like the talent equivalent of Paul Robeson or Frank Sinatra. She even makes Snoop Dog look like a class act. What a LOSER. If she and everyone who likes her and her music were euthanized, the average worldwide IQ would rise by at least 40 points.

    • blob192 replied:

      gaga was on american idol?

  3. Libby Doll replied:

    Wow… If those are fat thighs…I do not want to know what you think of Beyonce. She’s twice the size of LG. That RS pic is not flattering at all of Gaga, I will agree,she looks far better with her other hair. I am a huge fan of Gaga. She’s very talented as far as writing, vocals, and piano. I admire that she is unique and expresses herself without care. I am sure she would have won Americal Idol had she the need to be on it.

  4. Kelz replied:

    To say she makes Spears look like a Sinatra equivalent is ridiculous. That’s like saying Cassie makes Whitney Houston look like Aretha Franklin. She doesn’t. It can’t happen. It’s not posssible. That’s a very insipid statement. Lady Gaga has talent. The woman can truly sing. The effort she puts into her performances and shows is 120%. Sure, Britney Spears can dance, she’s a good entertainer. But there’s a difference between truly entertaining and performing…

    I could go on, but that’s my two cents.

  5. Bethany Rosser replied:

    Are you kids kidding me? If her thighs are fat then good lord, most normal women must be elphants in your mind. As for talent, I quite enjoy her music. It’s fun to dance to at the clubs. She’s new, fresh, unique!

  6. Nikki replied:

    This will be a nice surprise when it comes in the mail. *hint sarcasm*

    Don’t get me wrong, she has some catchy tunes (I downloaded her whole album, it’s not half bad and this is coming from someone who generally only listens to rock) but I don’t exactly think she’s ‘the best’ looking girl out there.

  7. pathfitness replied:

    ok sure she aint winning any beauty contests with that picture, but fat thighs?! Now you’re just being a hater!

    Nice post there Libby Doll she DOES have some talent!

  8. rashmanly replied:

    I love love love
    Lady Gaga!

    Not just because
    I lust after her in a lock the
    bathroom door kind of way either –

    Gaga has music that is so electric –
    She understands theater and stagecraft –
    her fashion sense is unique –
    she plays with sexuality –
    plays with lyrics –

    she is faboo and knows it –
    she is real in her strange ways,
    which I can relate to.

    Stefani created her own style
    and she is over the top,
    we have that in common –

    This site rocks also,
    it has it’s own style,
    I really really like it.


  9. Top Posts « replied:

    […] Lady Gaga uncovered on Rolling Stone She’s ‘avin’ a bubble! Lady Gaga goes au natural on the cover of the latest issue of Rolling Stone […] […]

  10. Superchick!!!!!!! replied:

    Lady Gaga is plain weird. Fine, some of her music is pretty dance-able, but does she have to show off her bottom half so much? Why do you people support such nonsense. Listen to good, clean bands like paramore for a change.

  11. Jude replied:

    Ok, so she doesn’t look all that good in this picture, but in my opinion it’s only the wig. If she wore one of her other wigs I’m sure it would look much better. Also her thighs are in no way fat, her thighs are beautiful, like the rest of her. And Lady GaGa has talent, she she has talent up the yin-yang, way more than more than Brittany Spear(even though everyone has more talent than her), she is the most talented artist out there right now, and everyone who say’s otherwise is just hating.

  12. Marshall replied:

    Gaga Gaga…. πŸ˜€

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