Eddie Cibrian’s wife leaves him

Eddie Cibrian - Brandi Gianville

Eddie Cibrian’s wife Brandi Gianville has finally left him following revelations of the actors continued affair with ‘Northern Lights’ co-star LeAnn Rimes.

News of the adulterous pairs tryst broke back in March after the Lifetime stars where caught on a security camera holding hands, kissing and doing a little bit of finger-sucking during a dinner date at Monsun and Club M in Laguna Beach, California. 

Ofcourse the actors used the old age adage of deny, deny, deny at the time and expressed their commitment to their respective partners, however, Gianville has finally confirmed what we already knew.

Speaking to Us Weekly, the mother of two said: “Eddie and I have decided to take some time apart. I want to do what is best for our children. Eddie and LeAnn[Rimes] deserve each other.”

According to the gossip rag, the final straw came after Cibrian, 36 and Rimes, 26, were caught again together in the early afternoon of July 17 outside the Malibu home of Jeff Berger, a longtime friend of the singer and her husband, Dean Sheremet. 

Sources say Berger has beefacilitating meetings between LeAnn and Eddie at his home for about a month and that Rimes and Cibrian also made use of a rental house on L.A.’s west side. Berger denies he has been enabling an affair.

Ugly Betty star, Eddie, has also been linked to 24-year-old model, Scheana Marie Jancan, who has previously dated John Mayer.

What a palaver. But seriously Eddie, LeAnn Rimes…really?


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