N-Dubz Dappy apologises for death threat texts

Just hi-larious.

N-Dubz rapper, Dappy  has been condemned for sending threatening messages to a young mother – just weeks after fronting a national anti-bullying campaign.

During an interview on The Chris Moyles Show, Radio One listener Chloe Moody expressed her dislike for the UK group, branding them ‘losers’ and describing the singer as a ‘vile little boy with a silly hat.’ The following day, it emerged incensed Dappy had taken down the caller’s number from the studio to gain his own text revenge.

Noticing two missed calls the next day before texting the number to find out who it was, 22-year-old, Moody was left ‘stunned’ when the response was a death threat from the singer that read: “Your gonna die, U sent a very bad msg towards N Dubz on The Chris Moyles show yesterday Morning and for that reason u will never be left alone!! If u say sorry I will leave u alone u ****.”

After bombarding the mum-of-one with calls, more texts followed with another reading: “Pick up the phone then u f****** Chicken” and “U dum f****** ****head u can call me names over the radio but when I call u direct u chicken out u punk! nana f****** niiiii, Dappy,” they came with a volley of verbal insults after she finally did pick up.

Dappy – real name Dino Contostavlos – has since apologised for his behaviour, in a statement, he said: “I called her in the heat of the moment when I was angry, but that is no excuse for my behaviour. I’m genuinely sorry. I’d also like to send my sincerest apologies to Radio 1.”

The BBC have also conveyed regret for their role in the incident, a spokeswoman said: “He must have taken the number down from the production team’s text console in the studio. We were unaware of this, but will take steps to ensure it doesn’t happen again.”

Last November, Dappy joined Schools Secretary Ed Balls to launch a Government campaign against “cyber-bullying” over mobile phones and the internet. A spokeswoman for the Beatbullying charity, said: “We in no way condone this behaviour and we stress that sending any threatening messages of any kind is completely unacceptable. Dappy’s behaviour is not becoming of an ambassador to young people. We have no further plans to work with the band.”

What a fine example this douche is to impressionable children. I’m surprised he took Chloe Moody’s comments to heart… what she said isn’t exactly something he hasn’t heard before.

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  1. webmistress27 replied:

    wow thats crazy, deat threats via text smh there are strange people in the word yes indeed thank goodness for the safety of being online

  2. Anti-bullying ad: Why it is banned on TV | Miscellaneous Videos replied:

    […] N-Dubz Dappy apologises for death threat texts « The Squealer […]

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