What’chu Know ‘Bout Us

Salaam ‘Alaykum.

Welcome to The Squealer.

A veritable feast of celebrity news compiled from various reputable sites and sources in one neatly, condensed package.

What’s that I hear you groan? Yet another gossip blog amongst the vast array of superficial, entertainment bloggers out there.

Why yes…Yes you’d be right. What are you trying to get at?

Give us a chance before you throw us into the sludge pile people.



  1. SA replied:

    This looks amazing! Well done. Really good amount of info, gossip & well written…loving the layout aswell..really clear. Watch out Perez! xxx

  2. rashmanly replied:

    Me much like
    The Squealer!

    I love the into on
    this page,
    madly funny!

    Watch out Perez for sure,
    The Squealer is out of
    the gate running fast
    and will continue to
    pick up speed.

    Keep an eye on
    this one people,
    it has something special!

    Rash Manly

  3. disco stick replied:

    I find myself increasingly drawn back to this website. I concur with rashmanly (nice pic btw) this one definitely has something, different yet the same. Although my one critique – update more often, it’s slowed down a hellava lot lately. I need my fix 🙂

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