Emma Watson: Robert Pattinson is dating Kristen Stewart

robert pattinson, kristen stewart

Uh oh Hermione Granger has let the cat out of the bag.

Emma Watson has confirmed Robert Pattinson and co-star Kristin Stewart are dating.

The 19-year-old actress, who starred alongside the Twilight star in ‘Harry Potter’, accidentally let slip that the pair are seeing each other.

She said: “Oh god! He’s absolutely hot! He’s driving me crazy…But we’re just good friends and can be on the phone for hours, because I know that there’s something going on between him and Kristen Stewart.”

Kristin and Robert have fiercely denied rumours that they are an item, despite being spotted on numerous occasions getting cosy.

So I guess Kristen and Michael Angarano have gone kaput and as for R-Patz and Erika Dutra , that lasted all of 5 minutes.

Im sure the Twilighters are thrilled that fiction has spilled into reality. In my opinion, this story seems a little to good to be true…

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Harry Potter bully in drugs bust

jaime waylett

Jaime Waylett, best known for playing wizard bully Vincent Crabbe in the Harry Potter films, was arrested last Thursday on suspicion of possessing cannabis.

Police discovered the stash after pulling over the vehicle the 19-year-old was driving, along with an unidentified friend.

“The car was searched and officers found eight bags of a substance believed to be cannabis,” a spokesperson for the police said.

A further bust in the actor’s Camden home, which he shares with his mother and siblings, led to the discovery of additional narcotics.

“Officers found a number of plants believed to be cannabis plants and equipment for cultivation. Both men have been bailed until July pending further inquiries and tests on the substances.”

Waylett evidently puts the the Pothead in Harry Potter.

Oh come on, that was way too easy.

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