Andrew Lloyd Webber rushed to hospital

Andrew Lloyd Webber has been readmitted to hospital after suffering a setback in his battle against prostate cancer.

The 61-year-old, Composer, revealed he had been diagnosed with the early stages of the illness last month, for which he underwent surgery.

A statement on his website read: “He has been advised that while the operation was entirely successful, he has developed a post-operative ‘chronic infection’ which needs immediate treatment.”

The theatrical impresario is currently working on Love Never Dies, a sequel to his acclaimed production – The Phantom of the Opera, due to begin in early January 2010.

We wish him a speedy recovery.

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The Twilight Saga: New Moon latest trailer

Bella…Jacob…ohmigawd EDWARD!

Rejoice Twilighters.

Summit Entertainment have released a third installment of the ‘New Moon’ trailer. Expect a topless Robert Pattinson, plenty of awkward staring and erm boy-transforming werewolves.

I’m assuming this is the whole film minus the excessive brooding and vacant stares. Check out the trailer above…

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Vanessa Hudgens naked…again

Vanessa Hudgens

Here we go again.

A second series of photos allegedly depicting a topless Vanessa Hudgens have hit the web today.

While it’s not confirmed that it is in fact the 20-year-old in the pictures, the Disney starlet is certainly no stranger to baring all. Some may remember the ‘High School Musical’ star was subject to similar scandal back in 2007 when racy images meant for boyfriend and HSM co-star Zac Efron leaked online.

Im sure it’s just a huge coincidence that these nude photos would ‘leak’ in the same week her new film comes out.

Err…’Band Slam’ in theaters from 14 August. Touché Vanessa…Touché.

Click on the thumbnails below to check out the NSFW images…


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